In 1945, William Pittman Sr. started boiling sap in a large cast iron kettle near the top of "Little Arkansaw Valley." He gathered sap from nearby maple trees producing only enough for his family. Soon after, he purchased a flat pan to boil for 100 taps. In 1948, his ambition and goals pushed him to purchase one of the old Arkansaw School wood sheds which was to it's current location in the "Main Woods." More taps were added and the next year a 2'x8' evaporator was purchased. After another good year we upgraded once more to a 40"x10' Leader Evaporator.

​    Throughout the expansion process, family played a key role. William Jr. and his wife Sylvia assisted and eventually took over the syrup production with the help from their two kids, Greg and Karen. In 1964 tubing was first introduced into the operation. Minnesota Mining (3M) tubing used for approximately 20 taps. In 1978 the boiling operation was moved to the home farm located a few miles away. We purchased a 4'x14' Leader evaporator and collected sap from approximately 600 taps with pails and 50 taps installed on tubing that year.

​    From that point on, Greg and his wife Debbie would eventually take over more of the operation while installing more tubing in the Main Woods. In 1986 a new woods was added and soon followed by another. The expansion was on the rise, which included purchasing and boiling sap for others who were unable to boil from themselves.

    In 1990 the equipment was moved to a larger building site on the farm know as the "Sugar Bush." We installed a 6'x18' evaporator alongside the previous 4'x14'. In 1995 our first reverse osmosis machine was purchased to help with increased sap totals and firewood consumption. Building expansion and new equipment have taken the business to where it is today and the possibilities are endless.

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​​​Pittman's Maple Syrup & Supplies


Family Owned and Operatred since 1945


     Pittman's Maple Syrup is a 5th generation company and quite frankly, our passion. Greg and Debbie along with their children Angie, Jodie, Teresa and Jason and their families are very involved during maple syrup season. It really is a team effort, sometimes involving long nights and odd hours of boiling.

​    Along with he help of a strong family, the backbone of our company is the 30+ friends and families that haul their sap into our operation for boiling. Without them, we wouldn't have gotten to where we are and are now boiling for over 30,000 taps.

​    Over the years we have expanded our operation by adding the highest quality equipment from Leader Evaporator. We now boil on a 5'x16' wood-fired evaporator with a suction-draft exhaust. We have also greatly increased our capacity with a Leader Extreme reverse osmosis machine alongside our larger, homemade reverse osmosis machine. We have also added a much larger bottling facility and cold-storage room which can store over 1000 barrels of syrup.

​   Pittman's Maple Syrup is also a proud maple equipment dealer of Leader Evaporator. Our inventory is growing more and more every year to meet our customer's needs.




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